Tools & Tips

Packing Tips

Careful packing is one of the most important aspects of your move. Well-packed household goods stand little chance of being damaged. Also, packing room by room can help to make unpacking and storage much less of a chore.

Whether you have AMC Relocations do the packing or you do it yourself depends upon your circumstances. Some people simply do not have the time to devote to what can be an intimidating task. In such cases, AMC provides the finest in safe and professional packing services. But for families on a budget, self-packing can mean considerable savings.

Even if you choose to do the packing yourself, you might still consider having AMC Relocations pack the more delicate or fragile items—items such as dishes, crystal, lamps, etc. You enjoy the security of having these more costly items professionally packed while reducing your costs by doing the bulk of the job yourself.

The most important aspect of packing is good wrapping and cushioning material. NEVER USE NEWSPAPERS! Newspaper ink has a tendency to rub off on everything it touches and can be almost impossible to remove from items like fine china.

Professional packers like AMC's use "newsprint" (unprinted newspaper) as cushioning material. You can get newsprint from your local AMC agent or, in many instances, from your local newspaper.

The amount of newsprint you use depends on the items being packed. Obviously, towels or sheets in a cartoon require no packing materials at all. For dishes or fragile items, a layer or crumpled paper should be used to line the bottom of the carton to a depth of approximately four inches. Each item should be individually wrapped—with crushed paper between items as needed.

Packing Checklist

Use cartons of adequate size and strength.
Cushion bottom of carton and between layers when packing fragile items.
Wrap all fragile items individually.
Pack heavier items in lower layers, lighter items in upper layers.
Paper cushioning absorbs shock. Be generous.
Loose packing creates damage. Make sure items are firmly packed.
Do not overfill carton. Top should close easily without bulging.
Use "PVC" or "strapping tape" to guard against carton bursting open in transit.


Use a heavy marking pen for easy reading. On carton side, list major items such as "GOOD CHINA" or "CRYSTAL". On carton side near the top, mark which room carton goes into. If carton contains fragile items, mark "FRAGILE" on all four sides. On cartons containing fragile items or liquids, mark "THIS END UP" on the carton top and put arrows pointing up on all four sides.